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Painting has been my keen interest since I was young.  Through perseverance,  I was fortunate to be selected as a finalist in the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition, Western medium section,  in 1979,  and subsequently the Young Art in Asia Now Competition held in the Hong Kong Arts Center in 1980. Having worked in photojournalism for 18 years,  I witnessed many changes in Hong Kong’s political and economical situation including the return of sovereignty.  
I heard numerous touching life stories.  These experiences broadened my horizons and sharpened my sensitivity and vision.  When I integrated my life experiences and knowledge gained from other interests with my art, 
I instantly realized I could untangle problems in art creation I previously encountered.  Hong Kong is where I grew up.  Almost without realizing,  my percolating sentiments towards this city have been brewed,  precipitated and projected onto my drawing paper.  I always love to paint things that surround me.  They might be the familiar and ordinary things in life,  but I attempt to capture their serenity and peace.



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